‚ÄčCerebral Syndrome

What is Cerebral Syndrome?

Cerebral Syndrome is a rare inherited disease, characterized primarily by eye and bone abnormalities, mental retardation and kidney problems . The disease is genetic because it's inherited so your pasted familymembers might of had it or still do. this disease is very rare not many people get this easily.

What are some symptoms?

This disease has a lot of symptoms but these are some of the big ones. One is mental retardation is when you don't learn normaly. Another one is hypotonia this is a disorder that causes you to have weak muscles or low muscle tone. Another one is hyperactivity it's when you have trouble paying attention. Another one is blindness that's when you are unable to see. Another one is cataracts it when the lens of your eyes turn cloudy leaving you with difficulty seeing. Another one is glacoma it'swhen there is a big increase of fluid in your eye. Then another one is rickets it's weakness of the bones.

How do you know if you have it?

You will know if you have it if any of the symptoms show up or if you are have slow developments. this disease is very rare so there is not much that has been found about it. But if you have a recesive gene with cerebral there is a chance that you may have it. But there is more of a chance if it's dominant through your family.

This is a rare disease so it's not very common but if you are coming from a family that is dominant then it might become common according to your family.