What is Down Syndrome?
-- Down Syndrome is a disease where you have extra genetic "material". This causes a slow rate in physical and mental growth. There is a big variety in the severeness of the disease. Some kids need more help than others, but everyone has at least a slight disability.

Is there a cure for this disease?
-- Unfortunately, there is no cure for Down Syndrome because this disease affects your chromosomes before you are born. Scientists are working hard to find a cure but so far there is none.

What are some effects?
-- Some effects are a rate of growth and weight. The chart below is showing the growth rate of only children with down syndrome. Some deffinet effects are higher risk at getting cancers, larger space between first and second toe and shorter limbs. They also might get alot of ear infections over their lifetime.

external image downsyndrome1.jpg external image fewp218.gif


Who can you contact?
-- NDSS (National Down Syndroem Society)
-- NADS (National Association for Down Syndrome)