What is Canavan disease?

Canavan disease is inhereted condition that effects the break down and use of aspartic acid otherwise known as your metabolisim. It can also cause progressive damage to the nerves in the head.
Some symptoms of Canavan are

-Abnormal posture with flexed arms and strait legs.
-Feeding problems
-Increase in head size
-Backflow of food material into the nostrals
-Severe mental retardation
These People have Canavan Diseaseexternal image jonamyval.jpg

Canavan disease is one of the cerebal degenerative diseases of infancy. It can cause imperfect growth or development of myelin sheath otherwise known as your fatty that covering the acts as an insulator around nerve fibers in the brain. Canavan disease is caused by the mutations of of the gene for an enzyme called aspartoacylase. There is a big problem though, there is no cure nor is there a standard course of treatment. The prognosis is very poor and death usually occurs at the age of four. Canavan Disease is very devastating. Allthough there are some lucky survivors that live through there teens and twenties