What is Angelman syndrome?

Its a genctic disorder that affects the nervous system.Infants with angelman syndrome appear like a everyday ordinary baby at birth.Then in the 6 to 12 months you start to notice he or she angelman syndrome.You really get notice at early childhood.It affects 1 in 12000 to 20000 people.You also get seziures that are some symptons of the syndrome.Its really mental retartdism.\
What are some symptons ?
  • sleeping problems
  • hyper behaivor
  • widely spaced teeth
  • speech problems
  • easily excited
  • easily burst out luaghter(luagh hard easily)
  • mental retardation.
  • cant easily balance well
  • a small size head
  • siezures
  • walking with arms on the air

is there any treatments?
Yup ,speech therapy for speech problems,physical therapy to help walk corretlly,and medical problems for the sleep problems,seizures and feeding problems.